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The following are actual examples of supporting statements. The names have been changed to protect confidentiality….

Liz’s stepfather has been disabled following an accident last year and he has just lost his job. The family are struggling to cope with stress, debt and depression. Health Visitor in support of karate classes.

Jenny is a single parent receiving no support from her children’s father. Peter has attended football club in the past and loved it but finances are so restricted that is not possible to continue. Parent Support Adviser in support of ‘kick-about’.

Andrew is a very talented pupil and I have spoken to his violin teacher who was devastated that he will be stopping lessons due to financial issues. If he is able to continue then a whole new world of opportunity will be open for him. Head of Music in support of violin tuition.

This family has twins – they can more or less afford to pay for one child but due to the father being put on short hours cannot afford to pay for both. Both parents work very hard but are in low paid employment. The girls would benefit hugely from this experience. Headteacher in support of two-day residential school trip.

Mrs X’s husband has been made redundant and they are struggling to support their children. Headteacher in support of music lessons.

Jane is in our special unit and would benefit enormously from going on the school activity weekend with her classmates but her family cannot afford the £80 for the weekend. She’s a lovely young girl who would be wide-eyed with wonder. Headteacher in support of activity weekend.

Mike is a good boy who works hard in school. Mike’s dad died a couple of years ago. Mum works very hard to support the family and treats and visits are difficult to deal with. He would benefit from the team building activities which are aimed at raising self esteem and confidence. Headteacher in support of outdoor education course.

These are just a few examples – there are hundreds more…. Proceeds from events and donations will go towards helping more children who would not otherwise have the chance.  Learn how to support our work here.